surgery :(
what up?

I'm back, but dont know for how long. :( My wrist has been in a shitton of pain, and it gets worse if I type for a long time. I had surgery two years ago, to fix a tendon that had snapped, and I had a pin inserted to keep the tendon in place. the bad thing is, now the pin is coming out of place, which causes me to have wrist pain. I get x-rays  next week, so I'll knwo then if its messed up. people look at my wrist like, :"WTF IS WRONG WITH IT!?" I'm pretty sure thats BAD. my mom is gonna get me to the surgen who did the original operation to see if its come out of place.

What that means>.....

No skateboarding
No Videogames

No blogging

no schoolwork involved with computers if it IS coming out of place.


oh, and if I get another surgery, I will be hooked on ViCODEN AGAIN! D:

I got addicted to that shit for like 2 months, it fuckin sucked coming off of it. :(


I'm doing Tajima! If any of yallz gonna be at Ohayocon 13 hit me up! We can chill! I MIGHT have  a cast on though if I get the surgery. :(
whatevz..Imma go watch  Big Bang Theory!

xo Jules

Jeeze, I haven't been on here for AGES~.
School is going good, I had PROM last night :) I wore a japanese style outfit, and black pants. 
I graduate in about 6 weeks! :D SOOO excited! I tried on my cap and gown yesterday. IT rocked. BUT, the hat feels a bit tight. :/ The gown fits amazingly.I'm suprised my mom didn't cry! lol.

I've got a huge English presentation on tuesday, that counts for most of my grade for the end of the year. :/ I've worked on it for  a few months, and its on Arthur Conan Doyle. Its been fun. We're supposed to show our info through pictures, so mines loaded with odd things to help people remember. (charlie the unicorn, gangsta sherlock holmes!) and I have an Ouija board in teachers gonna freeeeeak! 
well, I gotta go now everyone! <3

[Fic] Halloween

Halloween—An Ao No Exorcist oneshot


DISCLAIMER: I do not own ANE, its owned by jump SQ, Kazue Kato, A-1 Pictures, TBS, MBS, Aniplex …y’know.

Pairing: YukioxRin

Rating: G

Summary: Rin and Yukio go trick-or-treating.

(AN; yeah, I KNOW Halloween is long gone, but I thought this would be too fun to pass up.)


Five year old Rin Okumura, and his twin Yukio, looked at their costumes, admiring them. Rin was dressed up as a little devil, with blue flames pinned in his hair, and he was wearing a blue jumpsuit. Yukio, was wearing doctor costume, and had a stethoscope, and a lab coat



“I’m scared….”

“Its gonna be OK, Dad’s gonna be with us.

“But- nii-san. There are monsters out there!!”

“Don’t worry, you’ve got me Yukio!”

“Boys! You two ready?” called Father Fujimoto.

“Yeah!” They both said.

Rin had his navy blue hair, pinned to the side by the flames, and had a pair of sneakers on. Yukio, had his brown hair parted, to look more like a doctor.

Rin grabbed Yukio’s hand, “Its gonna be awesome.”

Father Fujimoto walked in, wearing his priestly garb.

“Dad! Let’s go! We don’t have all night!!” Rin said excitedly.

Yukio took Rin’s hand, and they walked out of the monastery.

There were kids walking around dressed up as vampires, or zombies, or werewolves.

Yukio looked at Father Fujimoto.

“Daddy…I’m scared.”

“Come on Yukio, lets go together.”

Rin ran up to the first house, and rang the doorbell.

“Trick or treat!!” He said happily, as his bag was filled with candy.

“C’mon, Yukio! Your turn!”

Yukio walked up, scared.

“Trick or treat.” He said timidly.

The man looked at Yukio, and smiled, as he filled Yukio’s bag of candy.

Yukio walked back.

The next house they hit, was loaded with treats. Instead of chocolate, they got anpan, and other Japanese treats.  By the time they hit house 7, they couldn’t carry their bags anymore.

Father Fujimoto looked at them. “Aha, tired already?”

“Never!” Rin said triumphantly.

“Nii-san. I’m tired.”

Rin looked at him, “One more house.”

They walked to the last house, and rang the doorbell.

“Let’s see, you’re Satan, and you’re a doctor.” The man said.

“Yeah!” Rin said, “And Yukio’s a doctor!”

“Well, Mephisto! I didn’t expect to see you in these festivities!” Father Fujimoto said.

“Well, I can’t simply pass up a free candy night, can I?”

“No. You can’t.”

Rin and Yukio ran home, and dumped their candy on the floor. They rummaged through the pile, looking for the best treat. They both decided on the anpan.

“OK, boys. I’ll take your candy.”

“Whaaat?!” Rin said in disbelief.

“You can’t eat it all tonight!”

“Ok, Daddy.” Yukio said, handing over his candy.

Rin looked at him, “Not fair.”


Rin gave up his candy reluctantly.

They then left for bed.



“Who was that guy with Daddy?”

“I don’t know, but he was a freak.”

“Nii-san! Don’t call people freaks!”

“Sorry, sorry, my bad.”

“Rin leaned over his bed, and kissed Yukio.


“Good night Nii-san.”

The end!
(A/N: my first ANE fanfic. Not sure if its good tho.>.>)


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